Games for Change is Gamified!

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Inspiring change through games - a festival of sharing, learning and engagement

Your festival experience is‘gamified’ which means that it will be designed around interactivity by inviting participants to share their views on how we can use games to answer the three “City Challenges” that have been set by the City of Melbourne for Knowledge Week.


This enables participants to solve meaningful real world challenges in the City of Melbourne, while enjoying the fun of winning points, participating in games and climbing a leaderboard. All this helps enrich each participants’ learning, information retention and enjoyment.


By using this interactive web app, attendees can connect and collaborate with each other to generate ideas for the three questions posed by the City of Melbourne:

  • How do we make Melbourne a Knowledge City?

  • How do we make Melbourne a more Playful City?

  • How do we make Melbourne a more Entrepreneurial City?


Our aim is to embody the interactive game experience within the format of our festival, to improve attendee learning, retention, and of course have fun!


PS: The overall winner on our leaderboard wins an iPad mini donated by RMIT GEELab!