Games for Change is Gamified!


Adrian Camm

Curriculum Innovation, Quantum Victoria

Learning through Games: Student Success Stories

Quantum Victoria, a new Centre of Excellence & Innovation in Science & Mathematics, harnesses the power and cognitive benefits of games to engage students and excite interest in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics or STEM disciplines. This session will showcase a select group of students from around Australia  & New Zealand who have amassed amazing expertise in STEM whilst creating mods, using level editors and building games from scratch.

Adrian Camm is a gamer, educator and speaker who explores the intersection of culture, learning and design. His current research investigates the mind/body connection a gamer has with their Avatar, and more importantly how video game technology can fundamentally restructure our notion of ‘curriculum’ and ‘school.’ His pioneering use of current and emerging technologies is impacting positively on student engagement and learning outcomes across Australia and beyond. Adrian has been recognized with many awards during his career including: Best National Achievement – The Ministers Award for Excellence in ICT at the 2009 Australian Awards for Teaching Excellence; Outstanding Secondary Teacher of the Year at the 2010 Victorian Education Excellence Awards; becoming a Google Certified Teacher in 2011 and was recently named the 2012 Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE) & Australian Computer Society (ACS) Outstanding Leader of the Year. Adrian writes at http://adriancamm.com/. Insights into the creative processes students are engaging in by using games as powerful vehicles for learning.