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Jens M. Stober

GEElab europe

Behind the games “Frontiers – You’ve reached fortress Europe and “1378(km)"

Two approaches to generate interest as well as providing facts about “critical” topics while playing. The development process of the games will be presented. “Frontiers” is produced by the Austrian artist group “gold extra”. The game “1378(km)” is an adaption of Frontiers about the inner German border situation in the year 1976 and is produced by Jens M. Stober. Both games are multiplayer modifications and handle about the topic refugees in different eras.

Jens M. Stober (* 1986 Karlsruhe, Germany) is a media artist and game designer. His works are focused on handling computer games in an artistic way. In 2008 he developed in co-operation with “gold extra” the game “Frontiers – Welcome to Fortress Europe”. In 2010 he developed the game 1378(km) as pre-diploma which is about the inner-German border. The game started a huge controversy in Germany if a computer game may act about this part of German history. In 2012 he finished his study of media art at the University of Art and Design Karlsruhe. He is Co-Founder of the GameLab Karlsruhe.  After this he started doctoral research at the GEElab of RMIT University. The audience will get informed about the designing and development process of the games “Frontiers” and “1378(km)”.