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Christopher Berry

Doctoral Researcher, GEElab, RMIT University

Changing the game of mobility

Fun in individual mobility is often associated with power and speed. But more and more people live in dense urban environments where mobility is often more of a hassle than fun, and compromises rule over individual mobility more than the benefits. Furthermore, in the future when we have autonomous vehicles on the road and we are able to enjoy being a passenger, we will have a chance to have an active and enjoyable relationship with the vehicle. We now have the chance to examine these two issues and apply enjoyment and games to them to possibly improve mobility.

Christopher is a Doctoral researcher in the GEElab at RMIT University. Christopher has a degree in Games and Graphics Programming from RMIT University, a background in academic research and is interested in Games and how they can be applied to the context of the future vehicle. Christopher works with fellow Doctoral researcher Dominik Stampfl.