Games for Change is Gamified!


Susanne Tepe

Associate Dean (Games & Animation), RMIT University

Making boring fun: Designing a game for Occupational Health & Safety

One of the key challenges for Occupational Health & Safety training is to engage learners. Serious Games are a promising vehicle to engage learners and enhance their retention of important concepts. We designed and developed a game as a classroom activity the Occupational Health and Safety Construction Induction course at RMIT that allows students to experiment with workplace hazards in an educational and entertaining way. In this session we talk about the design challenges and the games impact on motivation and knowledge retention.

Susanne Tepe, PhD, MBA, MOS. Susanne has a PhD Environmental Health, and Masters degrees in Management. As such she has research skills in traditional quantitative science and in qualitative research. She has published in science, management  and action research journals.