Games for Change is Gamified!


Carolyn Mee

Serious Game Creator, cmee4 productions

Listen! hearrightnow, a revolutionary new way to test children’s hearing in the form of a game

Shhh, listen... can you hear? Sound brings the world to life.  A gnarl, a note, a knock at the door, sound is a centrepiece of our very existence. It adds meaning, it matters. Take away sound and what do you have? Silence. Undetected hearing loss can dramatically impact a child’s life. Learning, speech and play suffer. hearrightnow will ensure no child starts school with undetected hearing loss. A serious, narrative driven game will surreptitiously test for hearing loss and the player engagement will ensure a superior result to traditional testing methods. Listen up this is a game changer.

Carolyn Mee is an independent producer/director specialising in the creation of visual media to support and facilitate communication in the workplace, build brand awareness, train and entertain. Projects produced include web series, television shows and complex training aids for organisations such as the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. A relative newcomer to the digital world, a 2010 scholarship in Multiplatform Screen Producing introduced her to the wonderful world of games.

Many people mistakenly believe that game development is a domain reserved for the technically minded. The reality is that the potential of games can be harnessed across all industries and it is those working within specific fields who may be best placed to recognise the potential of a game to improve the outcomes within their area of expertise.  In hearing the story of hearrightnow it is my hope that attendees will discover and share the knowledge that everyone has the ability to recognise potential for change in the form of a game. Passion, a receptive and collaborative audience along with a clever developer (thanks Cuauh) can enable anyone to turn a great game idea into something that is played to advantage.