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David Smith

Games & Learning, Quantum Victoria

Praxis: A step forward in educational games

Praxis is an educational adventure game with RPG elements. The game aims to assist with learning science whilst analysing student actions to create a picture of how well they understand certain concepts. In this session we will discuss the processes that we went through in developing the game,  how making a game educational differs from making a non-educational game, the common pitfalls (the majority of which we managed to avoid), and how integrating information allows for improvement of the game experience in addition to changed teacher practice.

David Smith is a budding game developer graduating from La Trobe in the areas of game design and mathematics. He is currently working at Quantum Victoria as a Games & Learning Officer, creating educational games as well as using his games background to assist with the development and delivery of various programs to students across the state. David is also a co-founder of TGT Studios, a new independent game company currently working on their first project. Looking at a new emerging educational game, Praxis and how it seeks to improve on existing games in its field.